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We offer a range of integration solutions designed to help your organization streamline processes, enhance overall efficiency and improve the customer experience.



Chubb Studio's APIs are designed to support every stage of the insurance lifecycle, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes including product development, pricing, distribution, servicing, claims processing, and utilities.

By using this integration method, you can benefit from increased flexibility, scalability, and interoperability with a wide range of software applications.



By leveraging the pre-built components in our SDKs, you can launch products quickly and easily, streamlining the development process and reducing time-to-market.


White label microsites

Our ready-to-use white label microsites are an ideal solution for organizations seeking a quick-to-market offering. These user journeys are designed using best



We help you reach out to your customers with readily available insurance solutions.



Chubb Studio’s APIs provides your end-to-end insurance needs from discovery to policy servicing to payment.



Customize the solution to suit your business and customer’s needs.



Integrate protection where customers need it most by embedding the offer in your customer journey.


While Chubb Studio offers multitude of options for partners to integrate with our products and services, APIs remain one of the most widely used integration method. Chubb Studio APIs are available across the entire insurance lifecycle and cater to countless use cases for products, pricing, distribution, servicing, claims & utilities.

Chubb Studio's APIs are exposed and hosted in the cloud – we make use of API management gateway to provide our partners with a secure and stable platform. APIs and respective backend services are fully cloud native supported by dedicated in-house cloud and network engineering teams, along with support from our designated cloud service providers.

Our RESTful API suite offers a standardized set of functions across the entire insurance lifecycle, allowing partners to customize their brand integration in insurance journeys. These APIs provide full control to partners in delivering insurance products and services.

API standards

  • Token based authentication using OAuth set at partner level
  • Ability to rotate API keys and set expiry dates
  • Ability to expire APIs at campaign and/or partner level
  • Ability to restrict production APIs to specific IP addresses of partner servers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automated test scripts
  • Auto-generated at the campaign level
  • Scheduled or on demand

  • Validation schema:

  • Auto-generated JSON schema
  • Performance
  • Scaling on demand
  • Ability to have isolated containers for a partner

  • Logging:

  • Auto log events (AppInsights)
  • Insights
  • Dashboard (sales statistics)
  • Usage & performance by tenant
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring
  • API lifecycle

    Chubb Studio's APIs are structured around the insurance lifecycle and value chain.

    Chubb empowers their partners to integrate/consume/embed insurance products nd services within their own ecosystem with dedicated APIs and end points

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    Insurance products available at their disposal for distribution.

    Product information

    a. Product description b. Benefit levels c. Coverage details d. Premiums, etc. e. Pricing specifics

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Empowers partner’s discovery process by providing a clear summary and details of various products, including their benefits/coverages, sum insured limits, pricing questions, exclusions, documents, and other details typically associated with a product.
    • Helps partners to decide which product proposition to offer to their customers.
    • Helps partners to understand the various placeholders required to demonstrate the product proposition on their UI/customer journey.


    Provide the ability to request pricing for a specific product or a set of products by providing the necessary parameters (in the form of question/answer pairs and/or other inputs as required).

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Deliver the pricing/costs associated with a particular product(s)/proposition(s)
    • Enhance the distribution experience by providing real time pricing for different coverages and services. Deliver one of most critical aspect of the insurance proposition – pricing, thereby helping customers select the best options for their insurance needs


    Provide the ability to capture, process, and submit a sale for a customer and issue an insurance policy.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Enable a customer to purchase a policy for the coverages and services that meet their needs
    • Revenue generating API that enables a partner to request, confirm, and submit a Chubb policy (with or without payment) for a customer


    Provide the ability to manage payments for insurance products and services.

    PCI compliant mechanisms to capture a customer’s account number and credit card information in a secure and compliant manner.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Provide secure PCI compliant payment processing for insurance products and services. Caters to multiple payment methods/options ranging from credit/debit cards, bank debits, bank mandates, eWallets, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to cash settlements
    • Support for the full payment life cycle (capture, void, authorize, settle, enquire) by making use of our integrations with various payment gateway providers across the globe
    • Support various experiences, including deeply embedded partner branded experiences, Chubb hosted experiences, or payment gateway hosted experiences depending on partnership, local country, and product requirements.


    Provide a partner with the ability to request and/or instruct Chubb to send out fulfillment requests for policy documents across the policy lifetime. Examples of documents include Certificate of Insurance, Policy Wording, Additional Documents, Welcome Kit/Document, Product Factsheet, etc.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Provide convenient capability to deliver policy documents to end customers
    • Provide flexibility on the delivery methods for the documents – over the air/email/snail mail/ SMS


    Provide the ability to facilitate customer and policy servicing requests such as customer/policy search, viewing a customer portfolio, viewing policy level details, and updating personal/policy details.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Provide end-to-end insurance related services including policy servicing, customer servicing, and policy management
    • Extend customer service channels, promote a consistent user experience across all channels, and streamline expenses by simplifying and automating policy servicing


    Provide a partner with the ability to facilitate the submission of first notification of loss (FNOL)/claims for their customers and to track the status of claims already submitted.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Fulfill the promise of Chubb’s world class claims experience by providing partners with an optimized channel to report an insurance loss on behalf of their customers and view the progress of a submitted claim


    Provide a partner with additional capabilities to address custom requirements. These custom requirements can vary from partner to partner and utilities are provided with various tools to manage bespoke requirements like policy number generation, tax calculation, policy/payment/status webhooks, third-party APIs, etc.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Provide the ability to manage bespoke and custom requirements based on partner needs
    • Expand the capabilities delivered via APIs across third-party and other bespoke requirements


    Provide a partner with metadata associated to needed for other APIs. This metadata caters for requirements around a list of values, dropdown values, currency labels, make models for gadgets/cars/motorbikes, occupation classes and codes, address lookups, country, state, district, and city listings.

    What is the API value proposition?

    • Provide the ability to manage metadata requirements of other APIs
    • Provide standardized list of values/data across all attributes

    White Label microsites

    White label microsites are the easiest, quickest & simplest solution available for insurance products & services. Available across insurance products lines, white label microsites provide our partners with a “ready-to-go” solution meeting record go-to-market timelines, while still delivering on end-to-end digital sales or service experiences for their customers.

    These microsites are built using configurable UI components thereby providing quick customization options to suit variety of distribution & servicing models. Partners can also opt for different branding options depending on distribution & licensing arrangements.

    Simple, flexible and ready to use

    The Chubb Studio® platform provides strong capabilities & the flexibility to deliver a white label microsite solution for a variety of products & customer journeys. Microsites are readily available and cater to various distribution models.

  • Activation for NAC products
  • Activation for simple/bit size products
  • With post-activation submission
  • Purchase with payment details
  • Free to paid upsell journey
    Simplified journey for low consideration products
    Full fledged journeys with OCR/eKYC/UW review for high consideration products

    Start immediately with our ready-made templates


    Speed to market


    Agility for quick custom changes, leveraging Chubb Studio’s design system/library & pre-built UI components


    Ready-made capabilities including

    • Payment integration for real-time payment processing across all regions/markets

    • API-based federated authentication for partners

    • API-based customer information pre-filled

    • OCR-based ID card upload & customer information pre-filled

    • 3rd party integrations for eKYC, customer information, organization information

    • Document generation & notifications across different channels

    • Integration with external 3rd party systems


    Custom branding options

    • Fully white labeled partner branding

    • Chubb branding

    • Co-branding

    White label microsite templates

    Simply rebrand the microsite with your logo and your brand’s primary color to create a seamless and familiar user experience for your customers across the entire website.

    Mobile SDKs – Embedded insurance made easy!

    Chubb Studio mobile SDKs is a compiled iOS/Android library installed in a partner’s app to deliver insurance products/ propositions & services natively within the partner’s app.

    Chubb Studio mobile SDKs are fully functional inclusive of user experience flows, backend APIs, security handshakes and other configurations like color palette, styles, fonts, UI components, etc. Mobile SDKs are especially designed to deliver an embedded insurance experience without any heavy lifting on the partner’s end. Mobile SDKs allow partners to deliver native in-app experiences.

    Embedded insurance made easy!

    1 time


    1 step

    purchase access

    1 click

    policy management

  • 1 time implementation
  • 1 click purchase access
  • 1 click policy management access
  • Agile

    Agile and configurable user experience


    Quick onboarding through pre-complied library for iOS/Andriod apps


    Secure API connections

    No development

    No development required by the partner

    Simplified process

    No coding or front end development is required from the partner except when deploying the SDK with the required data

    Step 01

    Configure product and experience (Chubb)

    Step 02

    Deploy SDK on your app (You as the partner)

    Step 03

    One click purchase
    (Your customers)

    Step 04

    View and download policy details (Your customers)

    Use cases

    Chubb Studio mobile SDK provides the end-to-end insurance process from quotation, payment and policy management.